I don’t know if it was a single act or decision

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The day I fell in love with you
was the day I knew, I would no longer
need to walk this earth alone

Wondering and searching for a love
so elusive, I had begun to wonder
if real love was a myth or fantasy

The type of myth I had read in every book I picked up
The type of fantasy I had openly dreamt about
Boy meets girl, girl meets boy
Same-sex couples all finding their pure love
How, because they all believed they were worthy

And maybe when I think about it, that is just it
Each couple, each…

What’s on our mind can become clear

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On my own,
In my mind, I tried to balance an equation on suffering.

In a moment of clarity, I understood.

Torment =
Unresolved pain that exists behind the conversations we never have.

For example,
earthly conversations stretch but fall short because they are too soon for our truth.
Or maybe because we can’t speak out loud.
Conversations split, crackle like white noise, dampening our voices in the background.

Or perhaps we have the worst type of communication.
Where we pour our throats into a vacuum, knowingly watching the sound cease to vibrate. …

The answer may surprise you

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Several years ago, a work colleague signed off from our conversation with two little words that struck me deeply. It wasn’t the usual “See ya”, or “Take care” or a plain old “Goodbye”, but rather something at the time I found unusual. Something that I have always remembered and now choose to live my life by.

What she said was simply, “Have fun!”

Have fun! I thought.

It made me think, immediately I recognised she was right. That is exactly what we should do. Since hearing the words, my friend and I have had conversations about happiness and doing the…

Ask me who I am, that’s a much more interesting question

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Not long before birth, an assortment of expectations quickens heartbeats at your arrival.

The silence that holds the air, into the space you become, will burst propelling you transient through a system that will attempt to mould you, shape, maybe even break you, until you take your place.

Still, you dutifully funnel through an education purposely designed to teach very little if anything about life — any real semblance about who you are and the life you could live, is tempered.

At four or five, your parent's hand over you, their little universe deeper into the abyss you will eventually…

It looks different from where I am standing

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Normally I avoid writing rants, but today I feel I need to. I need to because they say writing can be cathartic, and what's more when you think about it. What is art?

Is it not a profit in one or another’s pain.

So here goes —

Earlier today, near the end of what turned out to be a pleasant morning walk, something unexpected and unwarranted happened.

The unexpectedness of the situation was made even more significant because it followed a walk where I started adorned with difficult situations and conversations from the day before. But as I walked, I…

You must choose wisely how you wish to play

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“I deserve to give myself a pat on the back!”

Yes, I know. It may seem highly obnoxious or perhaps come across as arrogant and conceited for me to start a post in this way. But I am going to; I am going to because I can and because I believe I do.

Now trust me when I keep my ego in check. I am a humble person, but I want to share a reflection from today, which presents a burgeoning sign of personal growth.

The game plan

Sunday mornings for me are always devoted to some form of exercise, primarily to compensate…

Jesse Wilson

Thinker doing what I love best. Writing stories, sharing knowledge, wisdom, happiness, and doing my bit to rebalance equality scales.

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