I don’t know if it was a single act or decision

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The day I fell in love with you
was the day I knew, I would no longer
need to walk this earth alone

Wondering and searching for a love
so elusive, I had begun to wonder
if real love was a myth or fantasy

The type of myth I had read in every book I picked up
The type of fantasy I had openly dreamt about
Boy meets girl, girl meets boy
Same-sex couples all finding their pure love
How, because they all believed they were worthy

And maybe when I think about it, that is just it
Each couple, each…

Perhaps this is the lesson we need

Lady wearing a green jumper, blue jeans sat crossed legged with her right hand covering her face because of shame
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On my road, a self-conscious pilgrimage
I met two simple but competing friends
Both vying for my attention,
offering an opportunity
to show me how to make amends

There was sympathy to my left
sat high on a pedestal looking down, he said

Reach out and let them know you see them
They will smile and thank-you
for your good deed, and that will be the end

Now, if I am honest
sympathies words piqued my interest
I began contemplating affectionately chosen words
spoken with dignity that would safely secure my conscious
and vision beyond their fragility

But then,

We may surprise ourselves with what we find

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As writers, we sometimes can’t help but fall into this trap of wanting to seek external validation for our work. Understandably we do this because we are insecure and trying to balance our sense of worthiness with our necessary growth from feedback.

It can be a bottomless pit when we constantly focus on achieving or position ourselves behind overbearing lessons in humility. Add to this when we intrinsically tie our self-worth and happiness to external factors, it puts us on a guaranteed road to unhappiness.

What if we recognise our amnesia and understand the feeling of satisfaction, and more can…

A question worth answering

Photo by Brannon Naito on Unsplash

No matter how much
we bend and contort our bodies
and lie still in a bed of distraction

The underlying facts
remain as stubborn reminders.
That even if our minds could travel at warp speed,
we cannot outrun universal truths

1. We are built of love and
2. Our need to love and be loved is as fundamental as ourselves

and yes, sometimes we may get caught in the paradox
of how love can be beautifully simple and complicated at the same time
but we always hold a view and opinion
of what love is and who we are


Here is a little something we can do each day

A silhouette of a man in the shape of a cross standing with arms reaching out while facing a golden sunrise
Photo by Zac Durant on Unsplash

In this morning, thinking about pockets of happiness, enamorous thoughts gratefully tumbled into my head. Showering me with memories of the sunrises I have seen and the excitement of the ones that lay ahead.

I could not help but wonder about the multitude of daybreaks I have seen, each with their own legitimate theatre, developing the glory and stories of the continents and countries I have been.

A sunrise is a sunrise always with the same delightful theme. As long as we live, we are gifted the opportunity to shape, mould and hold whatever we dream. …

Jesse Wilson

Thinker doing what I love best. Writing stories, sharing knowledge, wisdom, happiness, and doing my bit to rebalance equality scales.

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