Ask me who I am, that’s a much more interesting question

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Not long before birth, an assortment of expectations quickens heartbeats at your arrival.

The silence that holds the air, into the space you become, will burst propelling you transient through a system that will attempt to mould you, shape, maybe even break you, until you take your place.

Still, you dutifully funnel through an education purposely designed to teach very little if anything about life — any real semblance about who you are and the life you could live, is tempered.

At four or five, your parent's hand over you, their little universe deeper into the abyss you will eventually…

It looks different from where I am standing

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Normally I avoid writing rants, but today I feel I need to. I need to because they say writing can be cathartic, and what's more when you think about it. What is art?

Is it not a profit in one or another’s pain.

So here goes —

Earlier today, near the end of what turned out to be a pleasant morning walk, something unexpected and unwarranted happened.

The unexpectedness of the situation was made even more significant because it followed a walk where I started adorned with difficult situations and conversations from the day before. But as I walked, I…

You must choose wisely how you wish to play

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“I deserve to give myself a pat on the back!”

Yes, I know. It may seem highly obnoxious or perhaps come across as arrogant and conceited for me to start a post in this way. But I am going to; I am going to because I can and because I believe I do.

Now trust me when I keep my ego in check. I am a humble person, but I want to share a reflection from today, which presents a burgeoning sign of personal growth.

The game plan

Sunday mornings for me are always devoted to some form of exercise, primarily to compensate…

This is what they did

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“For one last time, come follow me,” happiness said, “I am leaving”. Like an Ostrich with its proud feathers, [his/her/their] head buried in the sand [he/she/they] didn’t respond.

[He was/She was/They were] preoccupied with chasing what [he/she/they] didn’t need or have. Obligated, hand outstretched, fingers reaching for that shiny, shiny glistening over there.

Behind [him/her/them], the light that once shone, allowing [him/her/them] to see what was immediately before [him/her/them], gradually dulled and disappeared.

[He was/She was/They were] left in darkness, searching only to find remorse, wrapping [himself/herself/themselves] tightly around [him/her/them]. Gleefully calling [his/her/their] friends sorrow and regret. “Come join me,”

You don’t need to read this to know that — do you?

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Perhaps one of the most significant forms of disservice or living tragedies we inflict upon ourselves and others. Is that we entertain thoughts and act as if what we say and do doesn’t matter.

It can be easy to think that with nearly 8 billion people on this earth, my thoughts and actions impact only the people immediately around me.

By believing our words and actions are inconsequential, we avoid responsibility. It puts us on a precipice of a slippery slope to excusing and accepting bad behaviour.

When this happens, we lose sight of our humanity and what it means…

When in our hearts we always know

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Why do we do it?
Spend days, months and years in denial
Convincing ourselves, if I don’t look in the corner, it is not there.

Why do we do it?
Readily bury parts of ourselves in the sand, and knowingly let go
We wait for the ground to swallow, and in return
we watch the world swell up
with whatever we are not willing to admit

Why do we do it?
Accept the heavy price of anonymity in conformance
and deny ourselves the happiness
a little courage would graciously reward

Maybe it is existent about owning the label, I am…

Why do we do it?

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Without a doubt, life is always good when things go to plan or people say and do what you want. We believe that is the path to our happiness.

This type of existence is a dream life, and one many of us wish for. But believing it can and will exist most of the time isn’t that thinking submerged in a sea of delusion?

It is human nature to long and wish for that which may be unattainable. Dream job, a love interest, money and fame! …

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Such a curious little thing you are!

I remember when I was young
the high frequency of your visits
You were there daily and never far

But now that I am older
when perhaps I need you most
It seems I have to call louder to keep you close

When you arrive
you always do me best
bubbling up, over spilling
in those vital moments
I need to get things off my chest

But then you slowly fade
leaving me to realize again
How life without you is never the same

Oh laughter I need you
my faithful friend


Jesse Wilson

Thinker doing what I love best. Writing stories, sharing knowledge, wisdom, happiness, and doing my bit to rebalance equality scales.

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